Tatsunoko Vs Capcom 2017 – online matches

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom – Wii Console Server or PC/ Mac Netplay 2017

Can I still fight online with Tatsunoko vs Capcom Ultimate Allstars?

There are two ways to play TvC online. Wii & WiiU consoles use the Wiimfi Server (must have Homebrew installed).


PC and Mac users use a Wii Emulator, “Dolphin“, and play P2P through the Dolphin’s netplay setup.

Will my battle points and ranking be in tact on Wii or WiiU?

No, to access the server you will have to reset your name the first time you go online. You will start as a beginner, but Ranked mode does work. Dolphin uses Versus netplay, so there are no points.

Do my Rival/ Friends codes still work?

Unfortunately not. They were part of the gamestats server as well. This may be developed on the server in time as Wiimmfi builds a new gs server.

Does the lobby to see who is online still work?

Wiimmfi/Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Who’s Online is where you can see who is online on the Wiimfi server.

Does Wiimfi or Dolphin support all controllers and wired players?

Wiimfi: Yes, classic controller, cc pro, gamecube, arcade stick. The wiimote must be plugged in to a classic controller, cc pro, or arcade stick to use the server. USB to LAN adapter/ wired players supported.

Dolphin: Any PC recognizable controller will work. Wiimotes will de-sync Dolphin users.

How do I get online?

You must install Homebrew Channel on your Wii. Then you can run the patch which will start your disc and patch to the new server. Or you can run a one time patch on your ISO if you use USB Loader.

Resetting Your Name and World Wide Search

The first time you connect to Wiimfi you will have to reset your Name, or it will not allow you to connect (error 6000). Make sure to then CHANGE TO WORLD WIDE BATTLE in the lobby (Free Battle search screen, last option). Many people connect and then forget to change this, resulting in few to no matchups.

Link to Wiimmfi patcher

Have Original Disc: Scroll down to “Patching Original Discs”

USB Loader: Scroll down to “Patcher for all other games”

Additional Instructions to set up online for USB Loader



-Please contact administrator for any additional questions-


5 thoughts on “Tatsunoko Vs Capcom – Wii Console Server or PC/ Mac Netplay 2017

  1. The TVC server can be called the “SMT-ALTWFC TvC Server”.

    SMT-DDR is the programmer who hosts the server and gslist. ALTWFC stands for “Alternate WiFi Connection”, and was coded by the programmer Nagato.


  2. i patch the game with wiimmfi patcher 3 but the game not working online EROOR nintendo wifi discontinued


    • If you got the official Nin Wifi Discontinued message, you did not patch correctly. The video is for Polaris server, you should use the “Wiimfi.sh” patcher. Remove any old copies of TVC from your USB drive (WBFS folder). Find the Wiimfi-Images folder (Same place as the Windows Patcher folder). Move the patched file from there – into your USB WBFS folder. When you go online for the first time you have to delete your old name and make a new one or you will get error 60000. I am going to make a new video for Wiimfi patcher today.


    • The new Wiimfi specific video is up!


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