Tatsunoko Vs Capcom 2017 – online matches

How To Get Online for Matches

Two Methods To Get Online: Disc or ISO patch

Real Disc Method:

Install Homebrew

Install Wiimmfi patcher from this link

Go online as usual


ISO (usb loader) Method:

Install Homebrew, get the “All other games” ISO patcher. Follow these instructions:


5 thoughts on “How To Get Online for Matches

  1. We are working on an Ocarina code for USB loader GX. I will post an update as soon as we have one.


  2. I just heard about this, and I’m currently running Wiimmfi but cant find a match on supported Free Battle.
    I like to try this but I’m running on USB



  3. Me too, cause disc it won´t support me more than a few weeks 😦


  4. hey im using wiimmfi right now and nobody on only me(sad) so if you guys have that ocarina patch or something plz let all know so we can have some hardcore battles >:D


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